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Unique Factor

There needs to be discussion about THE Unique Factor = The unique factor is the Universal Mounting System. The mounting system is designed to fit any width trailer from 6 feet to 98" (8'2").  It is very strong and built with specially designed high tech and high temper super aluminum alloys.  These are very tough and give a great deal of strength to the system.  Today's modern livestock trailers (Race Car trailers need their own page) are built with very strong walls.  The trailer roofs in general are not built to take more than normal snow loads and light weight people occasionally moving about on them.  Therefore we needed to design a system that would transfer all the load to the side walls.  


Reasons to buy:

You can conveniently take your own feed with you and avoid buying high priced unknown hay.

Store bulky and awkquard (Spelling?)  items on the roof.

Store the generator on top and out of the way.

Store additional water on top. (Caution water is very heavy and could cause overloading and a "top heavy" trailer under the right/wrong circumstances.)


Gauranteed to Fit with some limitations.

The universal mounting system is guaranteed to fit your trailer.  If cannot be reasonably be fit your trailer we will refund your money upon safe return of the product.  It should be noted that this refund does not include shipping fees either way.  We feel the customer needs incentive to make a good faith effort to install the rack.  Also the ladder that comes with the rack may not fit all trailers.  We do not guarantee it to fit.  However we do provide the option for a custom made ladder on this web site.


Warantee etc waranty to be free of manufacturing defects etc. 


Step #1.  Select / Click on your trailer width below.

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