HayRak is the first all-aluminum, modular, top-mounting hayrack system that utilizes a flexible design that fits virtually every make of horse trailer for transporting hay, generators, water tanks or whatever you need to transport. HayRak finally lets you use every part of your trailer, not just the inside! HayRak’s design is so unique its patent is pending.

How is HayRak Different?

Superior Design
Today's modern livestock trailers are built with very strong walls. However, most
roofs are not built to take more than normal snow loads and light weight people occasionally moving about on them. We designed the HayRak system to transfer the weight-bearing load to the side walls of your trailer – off of the roof of your trailer. This superior design gives you the flexibility to transport everything you need for the trip safely and securely.

Quality Engineering
Only HayRak is designed utilizing a Universal Mounting System. Our unique mounting system was developed with the flexibility to fit any width trailer from 6 feet to 98" (8'2"). The HayRak components are completely adjustable.

All HayRak components are constructed for strength and durability to support whatever you need to transport. We build HayRak with specially designed, high tech and high temper aluminum alloys manufactured in the USA, giving you the confidence to count on HayRak for years to come. HayRak components are very tough and give a great deal of strength to the system.

With HayRak it has never been easier or more economical to transport everything you need for the trip!

  • Feed – Conveniently take your own feed with you by storing it on top of your horse trailer in HayRak! You can avoid paying high prices for hay on your trip and gain the security of knowing what’s in your hay and where it was grown.

  • Generator – You can store your generator on top of your trailer and out of the way until you need it.

  • Water – You can store additional water on top. CAUTION: Water is very heavy and could cause overloading or a "top heavy" trailer under the right conditions. Always check for trailer’s specifications and weight limitations before storing water in HayRak.

  • Other Supplies – Safely store bulky and awkward items on the roof of your trailer in HayRak.

HayRak provides an uncompromising value because you select the size HayRak you need to meet your exact transport requirements. And, you can purchase additional HayRak components as your transport needs increase!

HayRak was designed to be modular so that add-on components can be purchased and configured to your HayRak system. To look for HayRak additional components and add-ons, click on the Add-On Options button on our ORDER page
or call us toll-free at 866-926-1117.

Guaranteed Fit
Our universal mounting system is guaranteed* to fit your trailer. We will work with you to make sure we have explored every option for a perfect fit. If your HayRak cannot be made to reasonably fit your trailer, we will refund your money upon safe return of the product in the original carton.  *Some limitations apply.

Please note, the ladder included with the HayRak system may not fit all trailers. However we do provide you with the option to purchase a custom made ladder for your trailer. To view ladder options, click on the Add-On Options button on our ORDER page or call us toll-free at 866-926-1117.


For more information contact us by phone 866-926-1117 or info@hayrak.com
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