The Perfect Addition to your HayRak Storage System!
Are you tired of throwing tarps over the top of your trailer? Tying and untying ropes at every stop, not to mention those unexpected puddles of water pouring down on you as you pull the tarp off? What about watching the trail of flying strands of hay in your side mirrors as you drive down the freeway? The NEW HayRak HayPod solves all these problems!

The NEW HayRak HayPod adds an additional 7" of depth and a soft, secure tonneau cover to your existing Hayrack Storage System. It is available to retrofit all previously sold HayRak 8 foot long models. It can also be ordered as a custom fit accessory with any new HayRak Storage System that you ORDER TODAY!

To ORDER your new HayPod for your previously purchased HayRak, call us Toll-Free 1-866-926-1117

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